Apple Self Driving Lexus Sighting!

Finally! I'd been hoping to track down the Apple self driving car project for a while now. I staked out one facility where I believe Apple is doing their research into self driving cars. There was some strange activity, notably every couple minutes a new white Lexus SUV would arrive. Some had plates, some didn't. I suspected they were being prepped for autonomous conversion, but saw no Lidar.

And low-and-behold I came across one of those Lexus SUV's rigged up with Lidar driving into an Apple property!

As always, a big thanks to Mario Herger, and the friendly folks at Reddit's Self Driving Car stub for all their support! All images and text are (c) Michael Halberstadt and be sure to ask if you wish to use.

You can find more of my self driving car photos here: LINK


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