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More Autonomous Vehicles in San Francisco

I had seen the Zoox Bidirectional vehicles being tested near my house a while back. After that I opted to go see their more conventional vehicle test program. I found an article from Forbes Magazine that gave some hints where to find them:

"A block from San Francisco’s Embarcadero waterfront is a place you’re not supposed to notice. The little two-story building has no sign out front. Not even a street number affixed to its gray brick walls. Every window and door contains shaded glass, and a black, razor-wire-topped fence obscures its parking lot.Welcome to the San Francisco testing site of Zoox, one of the most secretive startups in the booming world of autonomous driving"
So I did my usual paparazzi stake out.

For reasons I'm not sure of the black Toyota Highlanders had their logos removed and were painted matte black. Like somehow that would make a big car with a huge Lidar rack invisible.
The white Highlanders had the logos removed but had normal glossy paint.
The Zoo…

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