777 Harrison Street - Waymo's Garage Location

Normally I wouldn't start off with the exact location of one of my stock photo subject that’s not public. But the security guards started filming me when I started photographing the new self driving Jaguars entering. So this is what you get when you have dxcks for security guards. Is it really surprising that people are photographing self driving cars on public streets?@!

The exit is on the alley behind the building. You can stop and grab a snack from whole foods across the street and then go back and view Waymo’s San Francisco operation in action.

Frankly, I was surprised to see Waymo at this location. I was right next door five years ago only to discover that Uber’s self driving car testing garage (and OTTO) were testing out of that garage.

Did Google Alphabet Waymo take over and expand the Uber/OTTO self driving car garage? I didn’t see any activity next door. But it was also a Saturday on a holiday weekend.


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