Intel's New "Garage" in San Jose and a Delphi Self Driving Audi

I'd read about a press event the day prior.Intel opened a new "garage"- not a garage like the famous garages of Silicon Valley lore, but a fancy new campus equipped to serve their new self driving car market. It's actually your typical suburban Silicon Valley office park. But there was a Delphi self driving Audi with "Intel Inside" being shown off when I got there.

Walking up the drive I got shouted at from an impolite security guard. Fortunately I had my long lens in tow, and they had no where to hide from this paparazzi if they wanted to show off their fancy new vehicle.

Here's what I saw:

As always photos and words are (c) Michael Halberstadt. Don't copy that floppy (or image- at least without permission)


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