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Self Driving Car
Two Generations of Google Self Driving Cars

Welcome to the Streets of Silicon Valley.

I'm a photographer that among other things photographs tech related stuff. These photos end up in newspapers, textbooks, magazines, etc. I've been having fun photographing Google's self driving cars for years.

I figured maybe it's time to have a separate site specializing in just the cars. As I was thinking of text to overlay a photo to place on a Linkedin update it occurred to me a fun title (for those in my age bracket) would be The Streets of San Francisco. This was my first sighting of the UBER autonomous vehicles and they are in SOMA in SF. For those who aren't familiar with US television in the 1970's (or rebroadcasts that ran over air into the 1990's or so) there was a police procedural titled The Streets of San Francisco. I thought- for those few who could get the reference that would be kind of a cool title. Then the idea came to me, how about a domain and a blog just about automobile technology in Silicon Valley. And so the Streets of Silicon Valley was born.
UBER Autonomous Ford Vehicle in San Francisco
So the plan is to just have regular, largely photo updates of my stock photo sightings of all things Silicon Valley (writ large, including the greater Bay Area and heck anywhere else, but I live here so most will be SV.)

Autonomous car being tested in Silicon Valley parking lot
Google Autonomous Vehicle Prototype Testing

I have a fair amount of Google autonomous vehicles in action at various stages of production. You can peruse my stock photo website to see more here

Also, I'd love to get tips about where to find new autonomous vehicle sightings, media tours, etc.


( threw in a few extra photos below just to get things started)
Google Self Driving Car in Japantown, San Jose
Google Self Driving SUV in San Jose's Japantown

Google Mountain View
Two Google Self Driving SUVs prototypes passing by

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