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Various Silicon Valley Automotive Sightings

Well the apocalypse pandemic has more or less subsided here in California. And as life returns to normal, I am back chasing autonomous cars and the like My previous post was about a lot more interesting discovery- Waymo more or less working out of Uber's research location on Harrison Street in SF.  But before I got to Harrison Street, I did a sweep of many of my usual locations. Sightings may have been hampered by the long weekend I chose to make my first sweep. But here’s my report. Google X, Waymo in Mountain View: Nothing at all going on outside. I could see rows of minivans in the upper parking lot of the former Mayfield Mall. in Fremont nothing was happening. At least until I decided to take off when I saw one of their autonomous vehicles in transit and lost them. Across the street however a car carrier was loading Apple Maps vehicles that appeared to be only partially outfitted. NIO and the “Intel Garage” around the corner… crickets. Nothing to see at all. Intel’s

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