Daimler Self Driving Testing in San Jose

Finally I set aside some time to stalk some self driving car programs. So I headed down to San Jose. Yes I do know the way- as do quite a few autonomous vehicle programs. For example, Nio, AutoX, and the "Intel Garage". I headed out to the area near Nio and the "Intel Garage" where I'd seen regular lidar sightings.

But on this trip, I didn't see a single Lidar rack in that area. So I continued on my way for my general stock photo way. For that I wanted to be at Santana Row for "magic hour." So as I was walking around Santana Row- what did I see? Yet another autonomous car program testing.

Daimler (a.k.a. Mercedes and together with Bosch) has a shuttle program serving Santana Row (sort of an upscale mall mixed with housing) and downtown San Jose(?) I only saw the Santana Row end of the shuttle. But there were regular sightings out on the main road (Steven's Creek Blvd) in front of SR.


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