Funny - Autonomous Vehicle Hit Because it Was Trying to Avoid a Squirrel

I was doing some research, looking where to find autonomous vehicles. One source I look through is through the State of California's accident report forms. And there I found this funny accident account:

An Aurora test vehicle was being manually driven ( conventional mode ) for data collection in Palo Alto near Pagemill Rd and the 280 off-ramp at around 1:50pm on Wednesday 06/20/2018. As the driver of the Aurora test vehicle approached the end of the off- ramp, he witnessed ahead of him a squirrel enter and then stop itself in the middle of the ramp . The driver proceeded to begin a slow and steady deceleration of the Aurora test vehicle to avoid maiming the animal. A silver Lexus traveling behind the Aurora test vehicle then rear ended the test vehicle. There we re no injuries and the parties exchanged information. Though the police we're not called, a CHP officer was already in the vicinity addressing an abandoned vehicle. The officer consulted with the parties but ultimately concluded no further action was needed. (as reported by Chris Urmson)


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