Tesla Testing on a Runway

Near my house, I stumbled upon a Tesla being tested. I knew that vehicles were being tested, I'd seen a video of several self driving prototypes on the runway, for example the Mercedes F015 (at 2:45). I stopped to check out the view from a park near the old NAS runway only to see a few conspicuously placed cars. 

The Tesla Cover-up

Red Wire from hood to passenger compartment

What they were testing I have no idea. In reviewing the "spy photos" I could see a few extra details. There's a full set of tires stacked near the support cars. One of the guys is wearing a shirt prominently advertising H Scott Motorsports. There's a red wire connecting the hood and passenger compartment. Both red and white Teslas had the California manufacturer license plate 63277.

Most of the testing was of the white Tesla Model S. It would sit for a long period of time on the eastern side of the runway, then eventually speed off to the west. The red vehicle also sped off a few times, but didn't appear to be the focus of testing as best as I could tell.

As always, special thanks to the friendly folks at Reddit's self driving car sub reddit, The Last Drivers' License Holder (what an awkward title) for help in researching these. And all photos and text copyright Michael Halberstadt.


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