Uber Self Driving Cars Back on Streets of San Francisco

I thought Uber's self driving cars were off the Streets of San Francisco. That is until one drove right past me. I was minding my own business yesterday when a Ford Fusion with Lidar on top and the UBER logo on the side whizzed by me. I turned around and ran after it - getting a few stock photos to share with you here.

Self Driving Uber, San Francisco

One thing I noticed is that the latest sighted Uber self driving car is that it had California license plates. Previously they were seen with Pennsylvania plates, as the main Uber Uber Advanced Technologies Center is in Pittsburg.

Self Driving Uber, San Francisco

Uber refused to go through the California licensing process for self-driving cars- so I guess that's why they kept their Pennsylvania plates until they got the boot from the Golden State.

Uber/OTTO self driving Vehicle project, San Francisco

If there are self driving Ubers on the road again in San Francisco, then I figured that meant I should see what's up at the Uber Garage in SOMA. So a quick walk over and I found the cabs for those OTTO - Uber Freight cabs out in the parking lot.


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